Work & Live in Mauritius

Mauritius Offers

Various options for tax and estate planning

Quality of life

Stable political and economic climate

Personal Security

Potential to acquire an additional citizenship

If relocation to Mauritius is on your agenda, keep reading to discover all the options at
your disposal and how Rogers Capital can help in the fulfillment of your life project.


Acquisition of an immovable property in Mauritius

Some types of immovable properties in Mauritius can be acquired by a non-citizen. The definition of the latter includes:
(a) a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius; (b) an association or body of persons, whether corporate or incorporate, such as a Company, a Société, a Foundation or a Limited Partnership, where it is not domiciled in Mauritius or one of its shareholders is not a citizen of Mauritius; (c) a trust in so far as it is involved in any transaction referred to in section 22 of the Trusts Act.

For investment purposes only

Investments by non-citizens with no minimum investment amount

Investments by non-citizens subject to a minimum investment threshold


Set-up a business or invest in an existing business in Mauritius (for investment purposes only)

Any foreign nationals can own a business in Mauritius. However, holders of an occupation permit as professional and holders of a Retired non-citizen Residence Permit may invest in any business if they are not employed in the business if they do not manage the business or derive any salary or employment benefits from the business.
You may wish to create a company in Mauritius which purpose may be whether to operate outside of Mauritius or to operate on the local market. A Global Business Company or an Authorised Company shall be used by non-citizen shareholders when the business is conducted principally outside of Mauritius. Various legal forms can shape your business: Limited partnership, Société, Company limited by shares, company limited by guarantee, trust, foundation, etc.


Live in Mauritius

In the case you wish to live in Mauritius with no specific investment or professional project, 3 routes are possible:

Premium Travel Visa

Holding a Retired Non-Citizen Permit

Holding a Resident Permit as a Dependent

Holding a Permanent Resident Permit


Work and live in Mauritius

Should you wish to work and settle down in Mauritius, various professional and investment projects are available to obtain an Occupation Permit.






Settle my wealth planning in Mauritius

Through the use of a trust or a foundation, it is often possible for family assets to be preserved over succeeding generations substantially free from taxation, probate requirements, succession laws, expropriation, and foreign exchange controls. Trusts have traditionally been used in by individual living in Common Law jurisdictions for Private Wealth Management compared to foundations which are preferred in Civils Laws jurisdictions.
There is no requirement in Mauritius to register trusts, thereby maintaining confidentiality. On the other hand, foundation has to be registered with the Registrar of Company.
Investors are increasingly confident to hold their international assets through Offshore Trusts set up in Mauritius. The last decade has witnessed a large number of Trusts being migrated from other traditional financial centres to Mauritius as well as new ones being set up. The reasons behind this surge in Mauritius Trusts include the high comfort level with the jurisdiction thanks to the robustness of the Mauritius financial centre and the range of skills available at competitive costs in the country. The prime motivation for setting up a Trust and foundation remains Asset Protection. They also avoid the force heirship rules. Tax planning remains a key aspect of Trust as does Estate Planning. Continuity of ownership is also secured.